9 Things You Need to Prepare to Start A HDD Machine Drilling Project

This is an article to prepare knowledge for these HDD machine industry people who may want to invest a HDD machine or a HDD machine project to update their life but have no idea what to start. Hunan ZLCONN, as professional HDD machine manufacturer and with years experience in HDD drilling construction will give suggest as following. Mainly 9 things you need to prepare belonging to two categories: (1. HDD machine equipments, tools and materials, 2. workers and other else)

 9 Things you need to prepare start a HDD Machine drilling project

1. Horizontal Directional Drilling machine, drilling rods and drilling tools (reamers, splitters, sub-saver, pilot, male and female sliders etc).

2. A small size truck (pulling HDD machine tools and materials).

3. One water tank (2-3 cbm), one water pump, one water pipe about 10m length, another two water pipes about10-20M.

4. Full sets of working tools including: adjustable spanner and open-end spanner; One set of hexagonal spanner; One set of screwdriver; pliers (one word, cross); One hammer (8 to10 pounds); Two movable pipe wrenches(For drilling rods assembling and disassembling); two shovels; two U-type rings, one needle nose pliers.

5. Instruments: one set of HDD machine locator (for example Falcon F1, F2, F5) and one pipeline detector for underground existing pipe exam.

6. Drilling Assistant Equipments: Two intercoms; one small generator; one pipe welding machine.

7. A barrel of screw oil

8. Normally 5 people (one hdd machine operator, one hdd machine guider, one driver and two for assistance or rod loading and unloading

9.  Good Survey of site: made a good construction plan; fix the HDD machine position.

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